EIM Research Institute

Applied Research in Business Administration

The researchers of the EIM Research Institute have extensive experience in academic and applied research in topics related to the areas of study of the European Institute of Management including research methods, management, entrepreneurship, sustainability, internationalization of business, digital transformation, fintech, machine learning, data science, AI, platform-based business models, etc. Some of our current research topics are:

  • Speed of Internationalization of Innovative High-Tech Firms
  • Live Case Studies in Higher Education
  • Fairness of Dynamic Pricing Strategies
  • Multiple Case Study Design as Research Methodology
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Smart Mobility and the Integration of Public Transport in Latin America

Our team of experienced researchers has published and presented several hundred academic articles in peer-reviewed journals or at academic conferences with several thousand citations. Most of them are also members of the editorial boards of academic journals. We are always looking forward to meet motivated researchers, who would like to become part of our team.

The European Institute of Management - Michael Neubert Founder, President and CEO

Michael Neubert

Founder, President and CEO


Daphne Halkias

Professor and Dean Doctoral programmes


Faculty team - Eladio Martinez

Eladio Enrique Martinez Toro

Professor and Senior Researcher


Faculty team - Prof-Dr-Wolfgang-Rams

Wolfgang Rams

Professor and Senior Researcher


Faculty team - Sebastian Schaefer

Sebastian Schaefer

Doctoral candidate and researcher