Providing access to flexible government accredited quality higher education programs through online learning platform and technology-enhanced learning methods

The European Institute of Management envisions an adaptive learning system that perfectly utilizes the technological advancements of the 21st century providing access to flexible government accredited quality higher education programmes for busy and location-confined professionals.

We are a learning and research community made up of professionals and academics who aim to deliver essential knowledge and instill relevant skills to professionals all over the globe, with the aim of increasing individual chances of success, and finding short and long-term solutions for their organisations. Gaining our degrees, diplomas, certificates and awards accredited by the government also increases their competitive advantage in the job market.

Through tailored higher education programmes, students learn to grow their skills and evolve their competencies to address the ever-changing needs and expectations in the modern corporate and business landscape.

We focus on enhancing competencies that cover academic and methodological skills as well as social and personal development to increase competitiveness in the current and future labor market.

With EIM’s government accredited programmes, professionals can pursue an MBA diploma, become a Doctor of Philosophy, or be a Doctor of Business Administration through face-to-face online education from an international faculty team of professors and coaches with more than 10 years of professional experience. We apply personalized, learner-centered, and highly interactive didactic methods, integrating online learning technologies and techniques to continuously improve the learning experiences of the learners. We make earning a PhD, DBA, or other degrees a lot more convenient and feasible for most working professionals.

If you are looking to continue your education while pursuing your career, check out our doctoral, masters, and education programs to get started.