What is our learning approach?

EIM offers a 100% online learning environment and applies a highly interactive learning method based on the Oxbridge tutorial learning method

100% online interactive learning

100% online interactive learning

We envision a distinctively different 21st-century online learning approach

We apply the renowned Oxbridge tutorial learning method. This method is based on interactive tutorial sessions where students will be introduced to theory combined with weekly assignments which involve the reading of scientific and professional articles and preparation of written assignments in the form of academic papers, international case studies and where possible life-case studies with international companies or based on your own organization.

Students will receive weekly feed forward from peers and the lecturer. The learning method will furthermore include strategy development workshops and debates and presentations by business leaders. The support includes regular individual coaching sessions to further develop strategic and leadership competencies of the students during the MBA programme.

Class sessions, tutoring, materials, assignments, and gradings are organized online through the EIM learning and student information platform which is based on Google Education. All our faculty members are certified by Google Education on the highest Premium level.

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