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Are you aiming to be more competitive in your career?

EIM is designed for professionals, mid-level executives, and senior executives who are looking to catapult their careers and be more competitive in the current job market or be more effective in their current roles.

“I like the EIM MBA because it is so flexible that I can easily integrate it in my professional and personal life. The faculty is experienced and teaches me up-to-date tools and case studies to get better prepared for my promotion next year.”

Anne, 34

  • Job: IT Project Manager
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Programme: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • My reasons to do my MBA at EIM:
    • Highly modular programme with different awards, certificates, and diplomas
    • Flexible study options
    • Experienced faculty with up-to-date content
    • Different payment plans

“EIM’s DBA program allows me to advance my current career but also to develop new career options as a consultant, supervisory board member or in academia.”

Leon, 45

  • Job: Vice President Business Development
  • Location: Madrid
  • Programme: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • My reasons to do my DBA at EIM:
    • Accredited program
    • Free choice of dissertation topic
    • Research and teaching opportunities
    • Flexible study and payment options

“At the end of a long and successful career, I want to give back to society by sharing my experiences and knowledge with the next generation. After graduating from EIM with a PhD and the PGCerts in Higher Education, I will be an expert in my field of expertise (ethical leadership) and become an effective teacher, researcher, coach, and supervisory board member.”

Sven, 57

  • Job: Freelance Coach and Supervisory Board Member
  • Location: Dubai
  • Programme:
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management
    • PGCert in Academic Research and Publication
    • PGCert in Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • My reasons to do my PhD and the two PGCerts in Education at EIM:
    • Online delivery mode
    • Easy-to-use learning management system
    • Networking with peers and faculty members
    • Publication and teaching opportunities

“The EIM dissertation completion pathway option allows me to finally close an open chapter in my life: to complete my doctoral dissertation. My dissertation committee members are very supportive and boost my self-consciousness. They use a highly efficient method with weekly milestones and a personalized feedback to graduate me as soon as possible with a high-quality dissertation.”

Aiko, 50

  • Job: CFO
  • Location: Singapore
  • Programme: Dissertation completion pathway (doctoral programmes)
  • My reasons to complete my dissertation at EIM:
    • Personalized dissertation advising
    • Experienced dissertation committee with three experts
    • Flexible integration in personal and professional life
    • Efficient teaching and learning methods

“What I particularly like about EIM is that the doctorate can be carried out part-time, the high flexibility of the learning platform, the availability of the professors even during off-peak times in the evenings and on weekends and that they do not cancel or postpone appointments. In terms of content, I particularly like the structured and planned approach, the strong focus on the methodology and the resulting feasibility of the dissertation while maintaining high quality.”


“What I particularly appreciate about EIM is the state accreditation, the weekly appointments with my dissertation supervisors throughout my doctorate and the opportunity to speak with them, sometimes in my native language, German.”


“I chose EIM because flexibility is important to me, which I found at EIM. The lecturers are always available and the course can be easily adapted to my personal situation.”


“The advantages of EIM include state accreditation, online support from professors with quick response times, good communication partly in German and other languages, well-structured doctoral program including templates and many other tools that enable intensive collaboration on my research project.”


“The advantages of EIM are the personal support, the government accreditation as well as the relatively short duration and transparent structure of the doctoral program.”


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