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Continuing education for company owners, entrepreneurs, executives, academics, researchers and professionals

enhancing professional knowledge

Are you aiming to be more competitive in your career?

EIM is designed for professionals, mid-level executives, and senior executives who are looking to catapult their careers and be more competitive in the current job market or be more effective in their current roles.

Are you looking to change careers?

EIM’s accredited degrees cater to those interested in finding new careers or diversifying their career options as a consultant, coach, interim manager, or as an academic lecturer and researcher.

Are you continuing education you haven’t completed?

EIM’s higher education programmes provide a continuing education opportunity to students who have incomplete requirements resulting in a pending degree. With our RPL policy, you will just learn what you don’t know. We also offer a comprehensive dissertation completion pathway so students can complete their masters and doctoral degrees.

Are you looking to gain your MBA, Ph.D., or DBA,?

EIM can help you gain your masters in business administration diploma and we offer doctorate degree programmes designed to develop skills and competencies that make professionals and executives more indispensable in their current career and any other field or industry should they choose to find a new one.

Why choose EIM for continuing education for company owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals


Here at EIM, we offer tailored and adjustable programmes that will fit your personal and professional life situation. Switch from full-time to part-time studies and take a holiday break with ease. Our online education methodologies do not require you to move cities or countries, thus eliminating the need for hefty expenditures. We offer small groups and one-to-one tutoring that offers the opportunity to fit your study into your work and life schedule and to focus on your specific areas of academic and professional interest.

Recognition of your prior professional experience

You can also benefit from the Recognition of Prior Learning policy which allows you to get recognition for your professional trajectory and experience next to your study degrees. You don’t waste your time relearning things you already know and you are put grouped with other professionals who are on the same level as your skills, knowledge, and experience for more efficient group learning.

Learning method

The online education programme is based on the Oxbridge learning method that uses a combination of tutorials and coaching sessions converging theory and practice through case studies in companies and systematic observation in your organization.


The programmes are facilitated by an international team of lecturers and coaches with more than ten years of international experience in education, research, business and international organizations.

Government Accreditation

Earn your diplomas and certificates legitimately through government accredited programmes that guarantee the highest quality of education. We comply with the European standards of education and training allowing us be recognized by most academic Institutions, corporations, and businesses.

Be a part of our community

If you want to be a Master, Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Philosophy in Management, or you want to gain your pending diploma, or if you just want to learn about our other higher education programmes, certificates, and awards, get in touch with us.