Studying at EIM

My experience at EIM has been continuously positive and professional throughout the entire process, from onboarding to my actual study sessions. However, before I started, I was unsure if the workload is manageable when working full time in parallel. Starting an endeavor like a doctoral program is not an easy decision and the required workload can be overwhelming at times. Which is why the most important characteristic of the program is the personalized set up and flexible review sessions that allow me to incorporate the workload into my busy schedule. It still remains a challenge at times, but with the flexible sessions I can plan it around my normal days.

The program itself is divided into 12 modules that must be gone through before completion, depending on your approach, full time vs. part time it takes either 36 months or 72 months to complete. However, the modules itself have a well thought through structure that allows you to only focus on the essential parts of your project. From day one, the research study is being developed and no unnecessary activities or coursework is required. In addition to dividing the program into 12 modules, each of the modules are then divided into weekly targets that allow one to focus on the task at hand, rather than being overwhelmed by the big workload still required. After finishing the module, the smaller work packages come together and form the basis for your study.

Along the way of studying there are many points in which, as a student, you are simply lost in the literature, overwhelmed by a task, or simply don’t want to continue anymore. At this point, I must highlight the professionalism of Dr. Michael Neubert, who always brings me back on track and helps with his vast experience of guiding students through the process of studying for a doctorate. This support is incredibly valuable and helps to overcome tough situations.

However, as much support is received, the work still must be put into it by yourself, and the standards are quite high. Nevertheless, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the details and simply start. EIM allows you to stop and pick it back up at any point if you want or your private life doesn’t allow for it at this point of time. This approach to studying shows the open and honest way a business school can operate and make students a part of their assets.

Sebastian Schaefer