MBA completion pathway (MCP)

Participate in our MBA Top-Up programme and finally earn your MBA degree

Life can change and many events in your personal or professional life can prevent or postpone your graduation with a MBA degree. According to a recent study by the Council of Graduate Schools, you are not alone and many who left their MBA programme struggle to join another one due to a limited transferability of their credits. With our MBA Completion Pathway or MBA Top-Up programme, we offer a possibility to finally earn your MBA degree.

As part of our recognition of prior learning (RPL) policy, our MBA Completion Pathway may allow you to transfer credits which you have already earned. We use an Oxford-style teaching and learning method where teaching and learning happens in small groups or one-on-one sessions to focus on your individual needs. Our online course delivery with asynchronous and synchronous elements helps you to schedule your learning flexibly and integrate your studies seamlessly in your private and professional life.

How does an online MBA Completion Pathway or MBA Top-Up programme work?

Requirements for admissions

Send a valid transcript from your previous MBA course work, from your Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma as well as a current CV to our admissions office together with the other required documents to start the RPL process.

Faculty coaching

Once you are admitted into our MBA Completion Pathway, you will be introduced to your individual student advisor. Our student advisors are experienced in working with MBA Completion Pathway students, and are experts in your master thesis topic and research methodology.

Thesis writing

Your thesis advisors will guide you through our Master Thesis process starting with your proposal and followed by your final thesis. They provide you with the tools, the resources, and the flexibility (full-time or part-time option) to continue your MBA studies according to your study plan.