Doctor of Business Administration vs. Doctor of Philosophy in Management

Doctor of Business Administration vs. Doctor of Philosophy in Management: What’s the Difference between a DBA and a PhD?

While a DBA degree and a PhD in Management might sound similar, there are a few key differences that set them apart. For starters, a DBA is considered a terminal degree, meaning it’s the highest level of education you can achieve in business administration and usually has practical application as the main focus. A PhD, on the other hand, is a research-based degree that can lead to a career in academia or research. Both degrees will prepare you for leadership roles in business, but the focus and curriculum might be different.

If you’re interested in a career in academia or research, then a PhD in Management might be the right choice for you. This degree will give you the skills and knowledge you need to conduct independent research and contribute new ideas to the field of management. If you already have on-the-ground experience in the business arena and you’re more interested in advancing your career in a business setting, then a Doctorate in Business Administration might be your best bet.

EIM offers online accredited degrees including a PhD in Management online as well as an online DBA program, which both allow you to complete your degree in your own time, from anywhere in the world. So, whether you’re interested in research or practical application, we have a flexible option that can help you reach your goals without having to put your life on hold. Additionally, our Dissertation Completion Pathway is designed to support the fulfilment of both degrees, and offers you the opportunity to have your prior learning recognized so you can simply work with an assigned dissertation committee to complete your dissertation and earn your degree.

In this article, we’ll take a look at EIM’s accredited online degree programs and explore the difference between a Doctor of Business Administration program (DBA) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management program so you can make an informed decision about which degree is right for you.

What is a DBA Degree?

A DBA degree is a professional doctorate degree that focuses on applied research or practical application. This means that, in addition to completing coursework, you’ll also be required to complete a dissertation that addresses a real-world problem in your field of interest. This practical focus sets the Doctor of Business Administration degree apart from other doctoral degrees, such as the PhD in Management, which is more theoretical in nature. While the PhD in Management can also contribute to your career in the business arena, especially if you are a key decision-maker in an organization, the DBA is uniquely geared towards those who want to advance their careers in business.

At EIM, our online DBA program is designed for working professionals who want to take their career to the next level. The curriculum is focused on developing your research and practical skills so you can apply what you’ve learned to solving real-world problems. The DBA degree is the final stage of our professional career track. This track begins with completing individual courses as you make your way towards completing a Masters of Business Administration. Once you’ve graduated your online MBA program, you will then have the option to continue your studies towards a DBA degree.

Unlike EIM’s online PhD, which is more in line with an academic track than a professional track, the DBA degree requires you to have real-world professional experience. Our Recognition of prior learning and professional experience policy (RPL) is designed to assess your work experience and provide you with credit towards your degree so you can complete your studies in a shorter timeframe. Additionally, our DBA online program allows you to perform research and write your dissertation on a management-related issue in a wide array of fields including but not limited to Marketing, Information Technology Management, Data Analytics, Consulting, Innovation Management, and Health Care. This means that the work you do for your dissertation will be directly relevant to your career, and can be used to solve problems you’re currently facing in the workplace.

What is a PhD in Management Degree?

A PhD in Management is a terminal degree that is awarded to students who have completed original research in the field of management that contributes new knowledge to the discipline. The PhD in Management is considered part of EIM’s academic track and is more theory-based than the DBA, which has a practical focus. This means that, while the PhD can be used to advance your career in business, it is not as focused on practical application as the DBA degree is.

The PhD online program at EIM is designed for those who want to pursue an academic career in management or who want to conduct research in the field of management. The curriculum is focused on developing your research skills so you can contribute new knowledge to the discipline through your dissertation. The PhD in Management is the final stage of our academic career track. This track begins with completing a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree in order to be accepted into the online PhD program. Once you’ve completed your PhD in Management degree, you may then continue your academic training with a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Research and Publication and a Postgraduate Certificate in Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. This will allow you to lecture at a tertiary level or take up a position in a higher education institution as a research associate.

Just like the online DBA program, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a network of fellow students and faculty members who can offer support and guidance as you progress through your PhD online, and you’ll publish peer-reviewed articles in academic journals. With options for part-time or full-time study for both degrees, you’ll be able to accommodate your lifestyle and work schedule with a flexible learning model that empowers you to study at your own pace and complete the modules that are most relevant to your field of expertise as you work your way to completing your accredited degree online. You’ll also be able to write your PhD in Management dissertation on any management-related topic in a wide range of fields including Human Resource Management, Consulting, Counseling or Training, Interim Management, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Leadership, or the Automotive, Tourism and Hospitality industries.

What is a Dissertation Completion Pathway?

EIM’s All but Dissertation (ABD) programme is designed for those who have completed all the requirements for a PhD in Management or Doctor of Business Administration requirements except their dissertation. The aim of the ABD programme is to provide students with the opportunity to complete their dissertation (either full-time or part-time) and be awarded their PhD or DBA with professional dissertation support. The All But Dissertation programme will see you working with a committee of experts on your dissertation topic and research methodology so that you can complete your dissertation and be awarded your degree. Here, our Recognition of Prior Learning Policy means that you won’t have to re-do modules and coursework you’ve already completed. Simply provide us with a valid transcript from your prior learning, and we’ll help you focus on the areas where you need to complete your research in order to earn your PhD in Management or DBA degree.

Finally Made Up Your Mind to Take The Leap?

EIM’s PhD in Management and DBA programmes are internationally recognized and government accredited. If you’re looking for an online PhD or DBA programme that will allow you to continue working while you study, open brand new doors for your career, and give you the chance to make a tangible difference in your chosen field, then reach out to us today and take the first step to reaching your full potential! Not convinced just yet? Our flexible learning model means you can take one module at a time so why not sign up for our “Introduction to Doctoral Researchmodule and get a taste of what our online PhD or DBA programmes have to offer!

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