Your advantages

The 21st century work environment is drastically changing and companies as well as individuals have to adapt to the challenge. EIMs business model is designed for the needs a 21st century learner has, incorporating remote learning at your own pace and a flexible schedule. We see ourselves as a small boutique-style higher education institution which offers tailor-made programmes with a high quality faculty for sophisticated career professionals. The focus of our efforts is not only your best study experience, but also to provide you with an ongoing expansion of accredited programs that offer continuous possibilities for growth.

Recognition of prior learning and professional experience
Your prior learning and professional experience can be recognized to save you time and money.
Pay what you use
You simply pay for the courses and services you use. No hidden cost, pre-payments, or long-term commitments.
Online course delivery
Asynchronous and synchronous elements allow you to schedule your learning flexibly and integrate your studies seamlessly in your private and professional life.
Government Accreditation
The MFHEA is licensing EIM and so are all of its programmes. Malta is part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the Transnational Qualifications Framework (Commonwealth).
Oxford-style teaching and learning method
Teaching and learning with faculty and learning coaches happens in small groups. Seminars or one-on-one sessions will be utilized to better focus on your individual needs.
You may begin your studies at the beginning of each term. You can study full-time, part-time, or take a study break depending on your personal or professional needs.
Experienced international faculty
With a strong professional background and more than 10 years of experience in higher education and research, our international faculty is dedicated, motivated, and well prepared to help you to reach your learning goals.
Join our community of like-minded people. We are all united by our eagerness to learn and develop ourselves professionally and academically. Through our small group design, we thrive by learning from each other’s experiences and by sharing knowledge.
Research and publication opportunities
We support you to do original research and publish your findings at conferences and in academic journals to make an impact on your professional and private environment.
Testing phase
If you are still unsure about how to integrate your studies in your professional and personal life, just enroll in the first module of your programme and see for yourself.
Short courses and life-long learning
In all our EQF level 5-7 programmes, you may earn an award for each individual course. This allows you to focus on your learning goals and respect other commitments in life, and step-by-step continue your life-long learning and earn higher and higher degrees.
Career opportunities
Stuck in your job without a clear path and daily work is simply not cutting it anymore? With a doctoral programme you could reassess your current area of expertise and challenge your understanding from a different angle. Be careful, you might find it refreshing and consider one of our postgraduate certificates as a next step to build a second career path in teaching or doing research in higher education.